Palma Louca

Palma Louca are an ethereal-shoegaze quintet, known for both their meticulous approach to songwriting and the ambitious soundscapes they envisage; their signature sound incorporates reverb-drenched melodies and layers of sublime sonic textures, culminating in a distinct music identity.

The band signed to the label Pillar Artists and have since released two singles to widespread critical acclaim being championed by music tastemakers such as Phonograph Me, When The Horn Blows, csgmblog, Little Indie Blogs, Wolf In A Suit and The Revue, to name a few.

The band have been gaining momentum which has led to tour opportunities at packed out venues in York, Sheffield, Liverpool, Stockton, Sunderland, and their home city of Newcastle. The five-piece band consists of brothers Joe and Richard, along with friends Alan, Cameron, and Ryan completing the line-up.

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Palma Louca - no current gigs, but they could still have something scheduled in your area. Please visit their website or socials to find out.