Shannon Pearl

Shannon Pearl is a neo-folk artist and Witch from the northeast of England. Trained as a Priestess and named a Sacred Sound Carrier on the Isle of Avalon, her spellbinding music has been described as “haunting and ethereal.” Dubbed a ‘Witch-Pop’ pioneer by creating her own sub-genre and generating rave reviews in her hometown, Shannon continues to push boundaries and pave the way for women in music. During solo live performances – using only her voice; sparse percussion and a loop station, she weaves story through sound and builds whole songs from scratch right in front of your eyes. But that’s not all! During full band performances, alongside her 6-piece live band, she transports the audience to another world with a magical blend of traditional instruments such as the violin and piano with electronic elements. Taking inspiration from folklore, ancient tradition and nature, her music will take you deep into the realms of the unknown. On Summer Solstice of 2023 her debut album Kiss the Ground was released.

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